I filed my monthly GST filing through InstaBee: N.Subrahmanyam

I N.Subrahmanyam worked with Kabsons group as a marketing professional for south India nearly 16 years. Kabsons group, manufactures portable gas lights and stoves. Our company is collaborated with Switzerland Company PRIMUS KABSOS LIMITED. Later I worked in EURO Company who manufactures wooden flooring as a marketing manager for both Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.

Sri Srinivasa Agencies – My Own Firm

After retirement I started my own firm SRI SRINIVASA AGENCIES registered and got GST number. For monthly GST filing I have to carry all required physical documents to CA and I need to spend some time for it. This caused me to do additional paper work and time.

One fine day I met Mr. Raghu Ram who spoke about InstaBee App an initiative to ease the process of managing and organizing the accounting and invoicing process of businesses including GST filing.

GST Filing Features

Using our Free GST Filing Mobile App you can do GST filing on a finger tip, easily submit GSTR1 , GSTR3B, GSTR9 Returns and access GSTR2A and gain instant visibility of the GST return filing status

> Easily access and File GSTR1 , GSTR3B and GSTR9B from the same app.

> Easy access to GSTR2A

And he said using the InstaBee app, I do not require any additional resources in order to keep my accounts organized & file GST monthly. I felt this is what I am looking for.

Best Pricing Model

InstaBee has a complete free mobile app for both platform Android & IOS but I opted for Desktop Windows Application as annual subscription which is very cost effective and I could manage all my business activities and file my GST monthly filling on my own, this is really AWSOME without any Accountant.

My Experience after using InstaBee App

1. It is very easy to generate GST Sales invoices with a click of a button

2. An amazing feature to share our GST Sales Invoices through whatsapp without printing physical copy.

3. As said filing monthly GST is easy and I could do that own my own.

4. Stock register needs a lot of attention but through this app it made simple and all in one screen.

5. Sales order can be generated & share with customers

6. Most important thing for any business is to optimise expenses, InstaBee helped me to optimise my expenses in many ways, in specific my monthly auditor charges for filing GST monthly.

The list continues the way InstaBee transformed my business by taking annual subscription.

I strongly recommend other business owners to use InstaBee Desktop Application it is very useful and advantageous.

I am so thankful & appreciate entire team of InstaBee and I thank Mr.Raghu Ram for introducing InstaBee.