Creating a New Item in Instabee GST Filing ERP Mobile App

Watch below video, explained step-by-step or you can follow given steps for creating a new item in Instabee Mobile App.

An Item is a product or a service offered by your company.

Item section holds the list of items and services you sell/buy within your business

  1. Go to the Item list, click on new.
  2. Enter an Item Name. Item name is the actual name of your product or service.
  3. Select an Item Group. Item Group is used to categorize items.
  4. Select the HSN code

HSN/SAC: Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) and Service Accounting Code (SAC) for GST. These numbers are defined by the government and different Items fall under different codes. New HSN codes can be added if not present in the list.

  1. Select the Unit of Measure in which stock of this item is maintained in your warehouse.
  2. Enter the standard selling rate.

The rate at which you’ll sell the item. This will be fetched in Sales Orders and Sales Invoices.

Maintain Stock- If unchecked the item becomes non inventory item and can be used as a service item. Ensure to keep this option unchecked when creating a non-stock Item or a service.

  1. Enter barcode 

Barcodes can be recorded in Items to quickly scan and add them in transactions.

  1. Enter Valuation rate i.e. the item cost/ purchase cost.
  2. Enter the opening stock

Valuation method: There are two options for maintain valuation of stock. FIFO (first in – first out) and moving average. Item valuation will be maintained based on option selected here.

Default Warehouse selected here will be fetched in transactions when this item is selected.

Is Purchase Item: If unticked, you won’t be able to use this item in purchase transactions.

Is Sales Item: If unticked, you won’t be able to use this item in sales transactions.

Default Sales Unit of Measure: The default UoM that’ll be fetched for sales transactions.Choose the item taxes.

Click on done and you item is created.

  1. Choose the item taxes.
  2. Click on done and you item is created.
  3. You can edit the item and upload the image